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Chinese Cooking Tools- Right Combination At The Right Time


Chinese cooking has evolved across different locations in America due to the extensive use of Chinese cooking tools that have helped reach the high standards of cooking. The tools are the equipments or utensils that are commonly used to prepare different types of Chinese cuisines. There are seven main tools that are widely used by professional Chinese cooks in restaurants making their job easier. They are Chinese wok, cleaver, Frying Strainer, Wide-Blade Spatula, Ladle/Scoop, Long Wooden Chopsticks and Bamboo Steamer. Let’s have a close look at some of these Chinese cooking tools.

One of the tools used is Wok that is a key tool for the preparation of the majority of Chinese dishes. It is made up of cast iron and carbon steel. They come in different sizes, but most people prefer to use the standard of about 14 inches. It is wide and large enough to hold whole fish, duck and chicken with all the additional ingredients. The wok usually comes with a cover to help seal in the flavor and heat. Woks with wooden grips are the best to use as they do not conduct heat like the metal handle.

A cleaver is a cutting Chinese cooking tool and is less expensive then the stainless steel. Professional chefs use carbon steel cleavers. They come in a variety of weights and designs. Frying Strainer, the third Chinese cooking tool is used for deep frying of different ingredients. The best strainers are made from wire mesh. A frying strainer with long bamboo handles are good to use as they do not conduct heat.

The wide-blade Spatula is the fourth important tool in Chinese cooking. It comes with a long handle that helps one keep a distance from the cooking heat. This important tool is very helpful in stir frying and scooping the food. The ladle or scoop is a dual-purpose tool, used for removing food from the cast iron wok. Long Wooden Chopsticks are special because they are used in moving the food within the wok itself. The chopsticks are made of high quality wood which does not get hot.

The Bamboo Steamer comes with a lid and is designed to fit inside the cast iron wok. This can be used one at a time or can be stacked together. It is made of bamboo and can be cleaned by simply rinsing with water. Most of these Chinese cooking tools are of multi-purpose use and are considered a blessing for food lovers who just love to cook good Chinese food.

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