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Holman Cooking Equipment – A Great Choice


Thinking about the needs of a restaurant and the equipment that is necessary leads to only one thought, Holman cooking equipment. Holman has several pieces of equipment that can provide convenience as well as wonderful dishes. Holman is a commercial line that specializes in commercial grade toasters, ovens that work from a conveyor belt system. Holman provides affordable and durable equipment to restaurants, diners, hotels and many more businesses requiring heavy-duty equipment.

One of the most well known pieces of Holman cooking equipment is the conveyor toasters. There are several different models ranging in price and they're cooking specifics. The Holman 2500 can produce up to 500 slices of toast per hour and has dual thermometer controls for the top and bottom. This allows the bread to cook evenly and not more on one side then the other. The Holman 2550 consists of adjustable controls that allows for settings of darker or lighter toast. This particular model is capable of cooking waffles, bagels and/or English muffins. The output is between 300-600 slices of toast per hour.

The Holman Bagel fast conveyor can produce about 350 bagel halves in one hour. The heat source is designed to work efficiently, holding the heat yet not cooking too quickly. As always expected from the Holman cooking equipment this is a wonderful product that will provide years of Bagels to your early morning guests. Bagels are very popular and can be served early or late. Many bakeries carry the items and supply a variety of flavored toppings to top them off. Grocers sell the wonderful breaded treats, but nothing compares to making your own with the Holman cooking equipment Bagel maker.

When purchasing a Holman cooking equipment product you can expect to pay an affordable rate. They pride themselves in quality products from the integral workings to the outside. Holman is not one that will wither after use. They have proven time and time again they stand to rugged use, as employees are not always the gentlest of creatures. Just the mere opening of the oven door, 100 times a day can prove to be fateful if the oven is not durable.

As with all of the Holman cooking equipment they offer a stainless steel finish, durable construction and heavy-duty parts. This allows for years of use without the handle of the toaster door pulling apart! The motor is designed for continuous use with no risk of shorting or sparking. Heavy usage is what Holman designs all their ovens for. No exception or excuses when cooking with the Holman cooking equipment guarantee.

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