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Do you want to start taking care of your health from this day forward? Did your doctor just recommend that you need to start heart healthy cooking? Do you know you need to lose a large amount of weight? Heart healthy cooking can be the solution you are looking for!

Depending on whom you talk to heart healthy cooking can mean many different things. Like many things in life, everyone has a different opinion regarding most things. Food is not different. There are meat lovers, vegetarians, people who fast regularly, and even fruitarians (people who only eat fruit products). Each of these people believes that their way of preparing food is the very best heart healthy cooking way to eat. This is when you must make your own decision based off what you learned and what feels right to you.

Heart healthy cooking can be as simple as making little changes to your diet. Cooking with less oil, no butter or low fat or nonfat butter substitutes can make a huge difference. Exchanging sour cream with yogurt can be another small, but significant change in the caloric intake. Small changes like these will keep you from gaining more weight and you might soon start to see the difference in your dresses sizes dropping!

Choosing to add nonfat salad dressings to your salads, skipping heavy fat desserts for healthier options, i.e. maybe deciding to have fresh strawberries dipped in yogurt could be a wonderful dessert alternative! It is not only a sweet treat, but it is good for you and filling!

When you make a spaghetti dinner dish, choose tomato based sauces versus cream based sauces. Cream based sauces tend to have more fat and oils while tomato based sauces tend to be let fattening choices. Or why not make a wonderful vegetable soup dish? You can add whatever you want, make it as flavorful as possible and yet create a heart healthy cooking dish that you will love! Add spices, add pepper. Be as creative as you want to be. Why not use salsa as fish marinade? It is healthy, simple, flavorful, and will be good to your heart!

Heart healthy cooking can be fun! You can learn many things about a new way to live your life. You can learn new recipes and dazzle your friends with great tasting, healthy dishes that they will for sure want seconds and thirds of. They will want to know your secrets. They will admire your efforts and wish they could cook just like you! And, you will have learned so many new recipes you will have them amazed for as long as you keep learning new ones!

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