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At Home Cooking Classes


At home cooking classes are great ways that individuals can learn more about cooking using their own equipment on their own time. Some at home cooking classes are divided by cuisine learned, others are divided by geographic area. Individuals can choose what kind of at home cooking classes that they need.

At home cooking classes in New York offers private cooking classes in an individual’s home. Individuals can also choose to host after school classes, a birthday party for kids, and a cooking party for themselves. Individuals can have the professional make the meal of their choice. Classes are two and a half hours long and are centered around making an entire meal. Individuals that live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Long Island, Fairfield, and Westchester. Individuals can create their own class or choose from a series class that has been pre created. Pricing for these classes is $250 for two students and $75 for each additional student. Individuals are expected to have purchased the groceries prior to the start of the class. Individuals can choose to host a cooking party in their own kitchen. Individuals can choose to gift a cooking class to an engaged couple as a wedding present.

Chef Professor is an at home cooking class for individuals in the Washington D.C. Individuals can choose a personal cooking lesson to teach individuals a new skill or a meal that they want to make. The cooking lesson lasts for about four hours, costs about $350, and is designed for two individuals. Individuals can choose a personal cooking party for $400 for six guests. Individuals can also learn about a cook one day a week program. Individuals cook for one afternoon and have dinners for one week. Individuals can also choose to learn basic skills and techniques for cooking. These classes offer everything from an introduction to how to plan decorative food for a party. Individuals can also choose to learn about cuisines from different regions or countries.

Culinary Business differs in its offerings for at home cooking classes. Culinary Business teaches individuals how to give at home cooking classes to other individuals. Their Entertainment Cooking Training Program gives individuals the tools to start their own business cooking at home for other individuals. Individuals receive Entertainment Cooking as a Business Manual, a Visual Tutorial Guide, and a Chef Jacket Patch. Completing the program gives individuals a Culinary Inspirations Certified Instructor. Individuals can also choose with this program to become an instructor to teach other individuals how to become an at home cooking class chef.

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