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Many people who love a given subject want to know more about it. What its origin is, how it came about, who discovered it, etc. Human curiosity is a remarkable thing and without it everything we know today would not have been possible. Without asking questions and wanting to know more, nothing would have ever been invented, nothing would have been created. This goes for anything: electricity, fire, and one of the most primitive great finds, cooking and all the varying types of cooking that have been created. Given this logic, it makes sense that people who love Italian cooking would want to learn the history of Italian cooking!

The history of Italian cooking dates back to ancient Greek times where it was first invented. If one wants to learn specific details of this long enduring cooking style they can be easily and readily found on the internet. The internet these days seems to be the number go to source for information on just about anything and everything on can think of. The results that come up for the history of Italian cooking will have you reading for days, months, and even years depending on how serious you are about the subject.

Or maybe you like to learn from books. Your local bookstore or library will definitely have plenty of resources for you to choose from when looking up the history of Italian cooking. These resources will often give you titles of other books and publications that can offer you more information and insight on this interesting subject.

Some people enjoy talking with others when it comes to learning rather than sitting with a book or a blinking internet page. Why not ask someone you know who is of Italian descent and see what they might know about the subject. This endeavor might lead you on an interesting new adventure in your life. They might know more about the history of Italian cooking than you could have ever imagined. Maybe someone in their birth heritage was one of the first Italian chefs in history! You never know! Your simple investigatory search might open up a world of new ideas you never thought possible! You might even find yourself writing a book on what you have discovered. Or maybe you find yourself taking a trip to see some of the places where the first Italian meals were prepared! Or it might it even make you realize that studying history is your passion. Maybe now suddenly you want to teach the history of Italian cooking to others. The possibilities are endless!

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