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´╗┐Easy to Use Venison Cooking Tips


There are many people would love to have some useful and easy venison cooking tips. For many people, this is not a meat that they are used to preparing, so venison cooking tips are especially useful to them. Here are a few of the more popular tricks that you can use when preparing your deer meat.

Try to not overcook the meat. The longer you cook red deer, the more likely it is to become dry. Once it dries out there are few, if any, ways to moisten it other than to add gravy.

Deer meat should be cooked to no more than 130 to 140 degrees of internal temperature. When the meat hits 150 degrees it begins to dry out. The use of a meat thermometer is the best way to determine that the meat, has reached the desired degree of doneness.

When you remove it from the heat, let the meat rest in the juices, covered, for 10 - 15 minutes, before serving. These particular venison cooking tips can be very useful in achieving the best results.

If you wish, frying or browning should be done very quickly over high heat, but do not over cook. Keep in mind that you still need to allow it to rest before serving.

For those who wish to use broiling and grilling, you should cook to no more than rare or medium rare.

Some venison cooking tips for those who like the meat done include marinating the meat in your favorite sauce. This will help keep the meat deliciously tender. In most cases, adding extra moisture when grilling quality deer meat is not necessary. However, you may want to spread a small amount of butter or cooking oil onto the surface prior to cooking.

Remember, after broiling or grilling let the meat stand for about 8 minutes before serving so that the juices can go back into the tissue.

More venison cooking tips involve stews and pot roasts. Both of these should be cooked very slowly and at low temperature settings. Crock pots are great ways to make both, and the crock pot makes the entire cooking process easy and simple. Many busy people love to use their crock pot for this reason.

Use tongs when turning or picking up meat. A fork will pierce the meat and cause some of the juices to escape which aid in drying the meat out.

You can learn more venison cooking tips by visiting any of the many websites that offer free information on this topic. You can also read books that are available either online or offline and, of course, you can always talk with the old timers who know how to prepare this delicious meat to perfection.

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