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Substitutes In Vegetarian Cooking


Whether an individual is looking to change to vegetarian eating, or they want to add a healthier lifestyle. Individuals can make food substitutions in vegetarian cooking to accomplish either one those goals.

For individuals who want to replace meat in their vegetarian cooking, here are some suggestions. Individuals can choose plant meat substitute as an option. Veggie burgers make a great substitute. Tofu is another great option because it absorbs flavor and goes great with most any sauce. There are two kinds of tofu, fresh water packed tofu and silken tofu. Firm tofu is best for baking, grilling, sautéing, and frying. Silken tofu is best for creamy sauces, desserts, marinades, and dressings. Be sure to press all the water out of the tofu before using it. The best way to do that is to place something heavy on top of the tofu for about twenty minutes. Tempeh is another great meat replacement in vegetarian cooking. Tempeh is made from whole fermented soybeans. It is recommended that it should be braised in a flavored liquid before being cooked for at least one hour. After braising, individuals can choose to douse it in flour or cornmeal and fry it up adding sauce for more flavors. Seitan or wheat gluten, can be an excellent substitute for chicken products. Bean products can also make excellent protein substitutes in soups salads, stews and rice dishes.

For individuals who want to replace dairy products in their vegetarian cooking, here are some suggestions. Soy, rice, or nut milk’s can replace cow’s milk in any recipe. Also each one of these milks come in different flavors. Vegan cheeses like mozzarella, nacho, Monterey jack, and cheddar contain no casein which is a milk derivative. There is also a variety of cream cheeses, sour cream, and ice cream by brand Tofutti. Yogurt brands include Silk, Whole Soy, or Stoneyfield Farm O’Soy.

For individuals who want to replace egg products in their vegetarian cooking, here are some suggestions. Tofu makes an excellent substitute for egg products like quiches, custard, egg salad, and scrambled eggs. To replace one egg use one quarter cup of tofu pureed. Make sure that the tofu is plain and not seasoned or baked. For deserts or baked goods, using one banana or one quarter cup of applesauce make excellent substitutes. Individuals just need to be careful when using these substitutes because they will add flavor to the dish they are being added to. If the food requires a lighter texture, individuals will want to add an extra one half teaspoon of baking powder.

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