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´╗┐Recipes Of Indian Vegetarian Cooking


Indian cooking is known for its exotic spices and usage of a wide variety of vegetables. So, for individuals to create Indian vegetarian cooking is not difficult to master. The following recipes are divided into food categories.

The breads of Indian vegetarian cooking are many. Individuals can create potato filled flat bread, fried potato dumplings, brown sugar chapati, chapati which are whole wheat flat breads, cornmeal flat breads, fried flat breads filled with seasoned corn, sour pancakes, clarified butter, seasoned pancakes, whole wheat flat breads filled with seasoned grated radishes, Oriental salad of noodles and napa cabbage, fried puffed whole wheat flat breads, fried potato filled dough pockets, fried leavened white flour flat breads, spicy whole wheat and chickpea rounds, seasoned salad with spinach and yogurt, sweet chapati, whole wheat flat bread filled with sweet bean paste, spicy sauce for dipping, baked whole wheat flat breads, toasted sandwich with tasty tofu crumbles, and spicy rice and chickpea flour pancakes with tomato.

Individuals can enjoy chutneys in Indian vegetarian cooking. Individuals can create apple butter chutney, coconut chutney, coriander chutney, dosa chutney, garlic chutney, green tomato chutney, hot pepper chutney, mango chutney, onion chutney, peanut chutney, tamarind date chutney, tamarind sugar chutney, yogurt chutney, and zucchini spine chutney.

Individuals get to enjoy desserts in Indian vegetarian cooking. Individuals can create flaky egg less cookies with coconut, glazed sweet doughnut disks, brown sugar fudge, carrot burfi, chickpea sweet balls, sesame brittle, coconut burfi which is sweet squares made from fresh coconut cooked in milk, cream of wheat balls, cream of wheat halva, fluffy halva, fluffy rich peanut squares, milk balls in sweet syrup, Indian fruit salad, whole wheat flour sweet balls, chickpea flour sweet squares, noodle payasam, roasted chickpea squares, powdered milk fudge, rasmalai, seasoned rice pudding, sweet fried dough, sheera, shrikhand, sweet chirote, and sweet shankir palla.

Individuals can enjoy rice dishes in Indian vegetarian cooking. Individuals can create eggplant rice, rice with green mung beans, rice pilaf, saffron sweet rice, rice flakes porridge, spicy rice, rice with mixed vegetables, and yogurt rice. Individuals can also create salads like beet salad, cabbage salad, carrot salad, carrot salad with mung beans, and seasoned salad of yogurt and cucumber.

Individuals can enjoy soups and vegetable dishes in Indian vegetarian cooking. Individuals can create dishes like lentil soup, lentil vegetable soup, peanut soup, yogurt soup, mashed eggplant with peanuts and spices, seasoned spinach with ricotta squares, black eyed pea curry, seasoned chick peas with tomato and onions, chickpeas with very hot spices, and lentils with scallion and spices.

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