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Low Fat Vegetarian Cooking Tips


Low fat vegetarian cooking is not only about substituting meats, dairy, and eggs, but it is also about making and eating healthy choices for a better diet. Here are some tips and techniques to make low fat vegetarian cooking easy.

Individuals can use vegetable oils instead of animal fats like butter for frying and sautéing. This keeps low fat vegetarian cooking into healthy fat vegetarian cooking.

Individuals can use vegetable stock, broth, or wine to use in soups, stews, or sauces. These products replace the animal based stocks that are normally used.

Individuals can add more flavor to their rice by sautéing olive oil with garlic for two minutes, then add the rice and sauté until golden brown, then add vegetable stock for more flavor. Be sure to follow all the directions on the package for cooking.

Individuals can make sure that they only use the freshest ingredients in their recipes.

To add more life to wilted lettuce, individuals can pour some lemon juice in with cold water to soak the lettuce. This procedure takes about an hour.

Individuals can add chunks of raw potatoes to their soup or stew if it is too salty, then discard the potatoes after cooking they will have absorbed the salt. If a soup or stew is too sweet, individuals can add salt. If a main dish or vegetable is too sweet, individuals can add cider vinegar.

Individuals can use a fork to stir zucchini, potatoes, carrots or squash when stirring. Spoons cause these vegetables to become mushy.

Individuals can use a myriad of options when trying to thicken sauces. They can use cornstarch mixed with cold water in a one to one ration, brown rice flour in one and two thirds teaspoons per half cup of liquid, potato starch or flour in two thirds teaspoon per half cup of liquid, tapioca flour in a one to one ratio, or ground nuts.

Individuals can save time by reading a new recipe all the way through before preparing making sure that they have all necessary ingredients to create the recipe.

Individuals can use brown rice syrup as a replacement for sugar, honey, or other sweeteners. To use as a substitute use one and a quarter cups of brown rice syrup for one cup of sugar. Be sure to leave off one quarter cup of liquid from the recipe. This technique will help create low fat vegetarian cooking.

These and other tips and techniques can help individuals create low fat vegetarian cooking habits. This will create healthy vegetarians.

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